Debra B. Sherwood Park, AB

The Reiki treatments I have received have made a significant difference in my life. I tend to be skeptical and while I don't know exactly how the treatments work that doesn't matter to me, what matters is that they do work. ​I'm a mom with a young child and a professional career and I often neglect myself. This leads me to feeling stressed out, frazzled and exhausted. Reiki treatments are a way for me to reconnect with myself and sooth my frazzled nerves. A strong feeling I get from the treatment is of being home, my inner home, where I am safe, protected and secure. Reiki is like a safe, warm cocoon where I renew my energy and harmony. 

Jody Duff Sherwood Park, AB

My session was fantastic! I had an opportunity to try reiki after an injury and was pleasantly surprised to feel so much energy and calming warmth. I felt very relaxed and comfortable throughout my session. 

K. Link Edmonton, AB

I met Sherri-Lyn by chance at a weekend workshop.   She immediately struck me as a kind and courageous person - someone I could trust.    She told me of her passion for women’s health and healing and her interest in Reiki.   A short time after the workshop Sherri-Lyn reconnected to check on how things were progressing for me and offered to provide a Reiki session to see if it may assist in my journey.    Her offer was gentle and genuine  - a reflection of herself.

Sherri-Lyn extended the offer of a session for both myself and my daughter, welcomed us into her home, and worked to balance both of us.  I felt a calmness inside that I had not in many months.   Sherri-Lyn checked in the next day to ask how we felt.  In the days following, my body continued to rebalance and the stillness in my mind continued.

I am grateful that our paths crossed and will continue to seek out Reiki treatments from Sherri-Lyn when I need to find some inner calm.