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Sherri-Lyn Shaw

A unique balance of logic and feeling...

Business Analyst by day, health practitioner by night! 

  • Certified Level 3 Reiki Master Practitioner 
    • Registered with the Canadian Reiki Association
  • Certified Spectro-Chrome Sound and Colour Therapist
  • Certified Crystal Therapist
  • Certified Master Life Coach
    • Certified Coaches Federation

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Helping you heal, grow and move forward

Additional Information

I get it. I've felt "stuck" before - I've felt my health deteriorating; powerless, depressed and anxious...like a victim. I walked into wall after wall with the medical doctors, with no clear diagnosis or treatment plan.

One baby step at a time, I learned to lean into life and allow myself some space and time to heal and grow. Rather than following the mainstream medical system that didn't understand how to help my health, I followed my curiosities and opened my mind and heart to other healing modalities, Reiki being one of them. My health has improved dramatically and you can have that too!


In my own life, Reiki has been a huge tool in helping me let go of the past, provide my mind, body and spirit the permission, space and time required to heal, to move forward and to blossom.

When I started this adventure in connecting with my true self, the super-logical, scientific "analyst" in me couldn't wrap my head around what Reiki really was. Although I'm a skeptic by nature, I tried it with an open mind and observed the effects as I received treatments. I was blown away by the results I experienced. 

I want you to know that Reiki is very real, very effective and can help with you to better manage your health and wellness. 

Here are just a flavour of some of the ways that Reiki can help you:

  • Stress Management
  • Non-invasive treatment option
  • Relaxation
  • Promotes balance and healing
  • Can be safely completed alongside medical treatments
  • Helps to promote overall balance and wellness in your life
  • Beautiful self-care practice

By choosing to work with me, you are making a valuable investment in your life, your well-being and your future as well as supporting an organization that gives back to other causes/people in the community.


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Gloves, Scarves, Touques & More


Helping to preserve the dignity and warmth of those who need it most.

A portion of my profits go to purchasing and donating items to the Hope Mission - Edmonton.

Socks, Undies, Feminine Hygiene Products for Women & Children


Can you imagine not having the basic necessities? Let's lend a hand.

 A portion of my profits go to purchasing and donating items to the Hope Mission - Edmonton. 

Socks & Undies for Men & Children


Whether we understand their circumstances or not, a person is a person. Let's lend a hand.


A portion of my profits go to purchasing and donating items to the Hope Mission - Edmonton.